The Pro-Housing Alliance have launched our two reports: Recommendations for the Reform of UK Housing Policy and Housing Crisis in London. The Bishop of Southwark, Karen Buck MP, Sioned Churchil of Trust for London, Prof Ambrose of Brighton University, Peter Archer of Care and Repair, Stephen Battersby of CIEH all spoke at the event. The previous morning we received front page coverage in The Independent.

Both reports were prepared by Professor Peter Ambrose, Visiting Professor of Housing and Health at the University of Brighton. The former highlights how London’s housing crisis is the most dramatic illustration of the failure of public policies over the past 30 years to fully recognize housing as a key determinant of health. This has led to a lack of housing that is genuinely affordable; to increased personal debt, which in turn damages both physical and mental health; and to high ‘exported costs’ for several budgets including health, education and policing.