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PHA submission to the Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into the Private Rented Sector

Memorandum from the Pro Housing Alliance

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1. Housing is a determinant of health, with the exported costs of poor housing are met by the NHS and others. Cold, damp and overcrowded housing makes tackling health inequalities harder

1.2. Amateur landlords who too often are ignorant of the law typify the PRS. In some cases landlords are either wilfully neglectful or plain criminal. Continue reading

New Report: ‘Poor homes, poor health- to heat or to eat? Private sector tenant choices in 2012’

Press Release – Stark choices for private tenants on benefits and increased demands on the NHS


“The health of tenants in the private rented sector who are in receipt of housing and other benefits, is

clearly being put further at risk as a consequence of the Government’s welfare reforms and poor conditions within the sector, and this is not just a London issue”, said Dr Stephen Battersby, Chair of the Pro Housing Alliance at the launch of a research report commissioned by the PHA – Poor homes, poor health- to heat or to eat? Private sector tenant choices in 2012.  Continue reading

Private rented sector – good in parts

By Dr Stephen Battersby and Rev Paul Nicolson

The housing market suffers from the lack of ethical foundation in the model of the free market followed by UK governments since the 1980s; hence the richest citizens, particularly landowners, become excessively asset and income rich and the poorest citizens are forced to call on food banks. In an inflated and overvalued housing market home owners have equity that can be used for paying health and care costs but renters do not, which is inequitable and further increases the social gradient in health. Continue reading

Professor Peter Ambrose 1933 – 2012

Professor Peter Ambrose 1933 – 2012

Professor Peter Ambrose died peacefully on the morning of the 22st August. He had been struggling against cancer for several months. His condition deteriorated sharply resulting in a couple of falls in the night. The ambulance was called and he was made comfortable; but by the morning he had died. Continue reading